At 6 in the morning I am greeted by Peter Pan on roller-skates and Carmen Miranda singing Chiquita Banana. There are purple and pink haired people everywhere trying to be “different” from society, and 18 year-old girls trying to make their big break so they won’t have to work the rest of their lives. Welcome […]

  An American Experience in the UK “You can’t send your salad back just because the lettuce is brown” my British flatmate to me in the last restaurant we went to. In this incident, I sent my food back anyway despite his pleas. My British friends squirmed, and seemed embarrassed by my “rudeness.” Coming from […]

As an international traveler I have heard some ‘interesting’ pick up lines from many different cultures. Depending on the country lines would be more passionate or blunt. However, they were all pretty bad. Throughout my experiences I have learned Prince Charming is not in the bar at 3 in the morning. Here are some of […]

In this chaotic world dating someone from a country other than your own can be a real adventure. The fascination begins with his sexy accent, or the way he mangles your native language. Perhaps he is more passionate than the local men and he really treats you like a princess. But there are cultural differences […]

Have you ever wondered why a good looking, interesting and charismatic man would go out with a woman who is totally below his league? It could be the woman is much bigger in proportion to her significant other, or she has no personality, or she is completely horrid. It makes no sense.  You see these […]


I have gone out on many dates with men who say they hate games, they don’t play games, YET when you finally stop playing hard or harder to get they suddenly pull the Houdini effect. Yes, the Houdini effect as I call it. When you are talking to a man, everything is going great and […]

Every relationship we have, even if it does not ending in martial bliss, can always be looked upon as a learning experience. Through the trial and error process, I have discovered many personal tips that help constitute what makes a fantastic girlfriend. The old adage of “If you treat your man right he will not […]


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